OR Package

Ultraviolet Germicidal UVC Operating Room Packages from Team Ultraviolet reduces the threat of microbiological contamination of the surgical wound during orthopaedic surgeries. UVC works by continuously disinfecting the wound surface, and surrounding air, with cleansing germicidal UVC. Post surgical infection rates, including healthcare associated infections (HAI’s) can be reduced significantly, as shown in studies based on the use of UVC Operating room packages.

Documented studies have shown the effectiveness of ultraviolet light in reducing overall post-surgical infection rates. With the ever increasing cost of HAI’s, a more proactive approach by hospital administrators can avoid significant monetary waste. Simply, investing in proven technology will reduce infections in the patient care environment.

Ultraviolet germicidal packages from Team Ultraviolet are inexpensive to install and maintain.

They do not inconvenience others wishing to use the operating rooms without cleansing UVC light, as the lamps can simply be turned off.


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